September 10, 2009

Teaware for Sale

I've purchased quite a bit of teaware since becoming a tea enthusiast, and unfortunately I'll sometimes come to the realization that I don't use certain pieces enough to justify keeping them--I don't need a cupboard full of unused pots and cups, especially when there are a lot of people out there looking to improve their tea equipment. So, I'll be conducting a sort of ongoing garage sale of sorts through this blog. Here's some general information and policy, then I'll list what's for sale.  Note: the zhuni pot in this blog's header is not--and has never been--for sale, which is why it isn't listed in this post.
  • If you'd like to make an offer that's different from the posted price, I'll be happy to discuss it via email (just use the link in my profile).
  • Payment will be through PayPal (please email me first) and buyer will pay for shipping (for US buyers, for one item, it'll be approximately $10.).  If you choose not to insure the package, the shipment is considered at your own risk, meaning any loss or damage is your responsibility, not mine or the carrier's.  This includes choosing not to insure and declare the pot's full value for international shipments.
  • Since it's helpful to try teaware out before completely committing, I'm happy to accept returns on teaware within 2 weeks of receipt. Buyer pays for return shipping (insurance recommended!)
  • If you'd like more pictures or more information, please email and I'll supply you with as much as I can!
  • All of the pieces originally came from vendors (listed for each piece for any further research you'd like to do) with excellent reputations for product quality and authenticity. I'm not an expert on these matters, so I'll have to take the original vendor's word for some things.

~2010 Duan Ni Bamboo Xiao Pin (115ml): $175 

Up for sale is this eccentric and lovely yellow duan ni xiao pin I wrote about some time ago.  Originally acquired as a special order from Jing Tea Shop, where Sebastien informed me that it came from the studio of a good friend who is a Yixing national craft master (they even printed stamps of the series).  The bamboo theme is classic, though the angle the body sits at is more modern.  The pot pours quite well and the clay is a very yellow duan ni fired to a nice clinky pitch.  Over the past three years I've used the pot infrequently for liu bao, cooked pu-erh and occasionally for aged raw pu-erh, but since I rarely acquire or drink the first two tea types and this quirky pot has been sitting on the shelf, it's time to offer it to a new home.  The clay is typically porous for duan ni, and I think the pot would also be well-suited to roasted or aged oolong, since the relatively high firing makes it retain heat very well.  The pour is swift and has a beautiful arc, thanks to the spout shape and angle of the body.

~1970's Hong Ni Shui Pin (not available


2000's Modern Zhu Ni Shi Piao (130ml): SOLD

Late 90's Pin Zi Ni Dao Ba Xishi (100ml): SOLD

2000's Lu Ni Bian Hu (95ml): SOLD

2000's Pin Zi Ni San Zhu Shuang Ke Shi Piao (110ml): SOLD

Early ROC Zhu Ni Shui Ping Pin (100ml): SOLD

1980's Aged Pin Zi Ni Ying Hua (108ml): $180 SOLD

Pin Zi Ni Xi Shi (110ml): $40 SOLD

1990's Pin Zi Ni Si Fang Gu (95 ml): SOLD

1990's Aged Qing Shui Ni "Long Dan" (~75 ml): SOLD

2007 Ben Shan Lu Ni Shui Ping (95ml): SOLD

90's Hei Ni Shi Piao (140ml):  SOLD

90's Pin Zi Ni "Xi Shi" (80ml): SOLD

1970's Hong Ni "Li Xing" (105ml): SOLD

2000's Duan Ni "Ping Gai Bian Gu" (90ml): SOLD

Early ROC-Period Chin Shui Ni "Lian Zi" (
120ml): (SOLD)

Cultural Revolution-Period Zini Shui Ping (135ml): (SOLD)

1960's or Earlier Sanded Pear-shape Zhuni (175ml): SOLD

1980's Hong Ni Shi Piao (250cc): (SOLD)


Bret said...

Your sale seems to be going well. Ive had one of these sales before also. Think I,ll give it another shot.

Maitre_Tea said...

Man, I've been keeping my eye on that Cultural Revolution-Period Zini Shui Ping you have there. I don't have the money for it right now or even in the next months...*sigh*

Zero the Hero said...

Well, at the rate things are going, it'll still be here for a while! I'll be keeping this page up until everything sells, if that ever happens, so save up your nickels! I'll email you with some another option as well.

sparris said...


I'd love to buy the cha chuan if it's still there, it's more or less exactly what I've been looking for!

Elliot Knapp said...

Hi Sparris,

Unfortunately someone just sent payment for the Cha Chuan before you commented--bad timing, since it's been listed here for several months...I'll let you know if the buyer changes his mind or if I end up selling anything similar.


Ari said...

Will you ever start selling teaware again?

Elliot Knapp said...

Hi Ari,

I've got maybe a couple of pots I might sell. Teaware sales on this blog are more of a "re"-selling thing, since I always sell at a loss and am not keeping a stock of teapots for the specific purpose of selling them.

So many of the pots I've sold (and kept) have come from Jing Tea Shop, where their Xiao Pin section still has a bunch of nice-looking pots hanging around.

Have a good one,

Mary Deem said...

Did you ever sell the 2010 Duan Ni Bamboo Xiao Pin teapot?

I confess that it has an odd appeal despite its somewhat ungainly appearance.


Elliot Knapp said...

Hi Mary, That one is actually still available. It's certainly unorthodox but functionally it's quite nice...the pour is really graceful and the whole piece has a sort of efficacious wabi feel to it.