May 31, 2018

2 Yixing Teapots for Sale

Been quite a while since I've posted (obviously) but my tea drinking continues unabated.  To be honest, the whole Photobucket thing was pretty disappointing (seeing most of the photos on this blog's old post disappear), but it looks like they've backed down from the unreasonable position of trying to make everybody pay to host photos. Since it's been 10+ years since I started collecting and aging tea, I have some tea observations I will probably share eventually regarding aging and using yixing over long periods of time.  Until then, I have a couple more teapots for sale.  Please contact me through the profile link if you're interested.  These have also been advertised on TeaChat. 

I have 2 nice yixing xiao pin for sale as I have just not used them enough to warrant keeping. Both originally came from Jing Tea Shop, are discounted significantly from the original price, and are in very lightly used condition. Venmo preferred, or PayPal. Please PM me if you're interested.

Teapot 1 is a modern zhuni Bian Jiu Tan Hu with a nice flat lid. 85 mL capacity and it weighs about 110 g with nice dense walls. Multi hole filter. Asking $80 (originally paid $108) plus $8 insured shipping to the US. 

Teapot 2 is a pin zi ni shi piao shape. Beautiful clay, but the proportions are just a bit too small for me. Also 85 mL capacity, lighter at about 82 g. Multi hole filter. Asking $140 (originally $188) plus $8 insured shipping to the US. Pics in Post #2.

I would strongly prefer to sell these in the US due to the cost, hassle, and insurance issues with international shipping options so I will probably wait a bit for domestic interest before opening up to international buyers. These pots have no issues and returns are a hassle for everybody, so they are offered as-is (aside from any shipping damage, of course).


Bret said...

Is teapot#1 sold?

Elliot Knapp said...

Yes, they are both gone, sorry!