July 28, 2009

Tea A/C

You know you're a tea lover when it's 90º in your upstairs apartment and you're still drinking tea! Seattle is about as hot as it ever gets right now, and it's amazing what 20º more will do to keeping your tea hot for much longer. I often find myself tapping my fingers waiting for it to cool down enough to be drinkable, but this little trick helps a lot. Setting the cup next to an open window allows the incoming breeze to cool off the tea much more quickly. It's still blowing hot air, but it's better than sitting inside my pressure-cooked house. The alternative is sitting outside, which I'll have to try soon. It's just a matter of extension cords for the hotplate. If not for the caffeine, I'd be chugging tea at 9 pm, when it's actually very nice and comfy outside.

I've been very lax about posting for a while; lots to do, and I've also been earning some extra dough for a couple of tea-related purchases. More on those soon, hopefully. I hope everybody's enjoying tasty spring teas despite the heat.