September 21, 2011

Yet More Teaware Sale Additions

I just added two pin zi ni Yixing teapots to my seemingly never-ending teaware sale; an old 1980's ying hua and a newer xi shi (both sold), for anyone who's interested.  Every addition reminds me just how many pots have passed through my possession, but I suppose it's better to help them find an owner who'll use them more instead of letting them languish in my tea cabinet, and past sale customers seem pretty satisfied providing loving homes.


Letizia said...

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If you want you can return the favor.
Thank's. Letizia

Hektor Konomi said...

The pot in the picture seems to have a whole at the base of the spout. Is it just decoration, or would it serve a purpose?

Elliot Knapp said...

Hi Hektor,

It's just a decoration--part of the plant motif. It would be interesting to see how the pot would pour if it were another hole!