October 22, 2013

How embarrassing!

A daily tea-making regimen is not necessarily unaccompanied by occasional moments of comedy.  A frequent occurrence for me--usually in the first couple of infusions of a tea like yan cha (which needs pretty much instantaneous steeps at the beginning)--is depicted above.  The water's in the pot--time to quickly pour it out, but wait! Why won't the lid go on?!  Quick, try to sloppily pour it out anyway!

There's the culprit--sometimes it only takes the tiniest obstruction to throw off a finely-tuned system.  Yet, the tea seems to still come out just fine, in spite of a moment of panic.

Remove the offending leaf, and it's back to smooth sailing.  There might be hiccups along the way, but there are always more infusions to come. 

1 comment:

Leaf said...

Yeah, that often happens to me too!! Thanks for sharing this, it made me laugh.